Doctoral Program

In addition to the masters programs, the GTC also offers a subsequent doctoral program that provides supplementary training specifically designed for the more than 250 doctoral students and their diverse neuroscience research focuses (see: ‘Courses’). Applicants for the doctoral program should have a strong background in natural sciences and hold at least an M.D. or Masters degree. After successful graduation from our doctoral program, the degree ‘Dr.rer.nat. in Neuroscience’ will be awarded.

Doctoral students are generally funded through research grants of their institution or by scholarships provided by charitable foundations or the German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD. 

Students pursuing a doctoral degree can apply throughout the year - there are no firm application deadlines (see: ‘Application – Doctoral Program’). However, before applying to the GTC, graduate students have to have an offer for a doctoral position from a Tübingen neuroscience lab.

For further information on the GTCs doctoral program, please check out the Guidelines for prospective and active doctoral students.