Tübingen MEG Symposium 2015

The Tübingen MEG Symposium 2015 will take place Nov 2-3, 2015

It brings together leading researchers in the field of MEG and related disciplines. Join us in Tübingen to learn about the latest advances in MEG research and beyond.

Confirmed invited speakers are Nikolai Axmacher, Fernando Maetsù, Guido Nolte, Jonas Obleser, Krish Singh, Gregor Thut, Rufin van Rullen, Virginie van Wassenhove, Thilo Womelsdorf, Valentin Wyart.

For more information and registration, please visit meg.medizin.uni-tuebingen.de/2015.

The registration fee will be assumed by the Graduate Training Center. Since the number of participants is limited early registration is recommended.