Corona Update - End of Summer Lecture Period

With the end of the lecture period and the start of the exam period approaching, we wrap up some essential information on the things to come.

We have arrived in the final weeks of a most unusual summer lecture period 2020. Many thanks to lecturers and students alike for your committment. Here, we would like to wrap up some information on open questions and provide first information about the winter term 2020/21.

Matlab Course

This compulsory course for the Neural and Behavioural program is the last leftover from the winter term 2019/20. Dr. Stephanie Westendorff agreed to offer this course at the very end of the summer term as an online course. Two introductory days on September 3rd and 4th will be followed by individual tutorials and tasks. Further details will follow soon. For those in desperate need of a basic Matlab introduction, our TAs prepared some helpful material on Ilias:

Exams of the summer term

With few details still being discussed, dates and formats for all exams have been agreed on and fixed. Most exams will either be entirely online - using the new Ilias exam system - or include an online option for those students who cannot be in Tübingen. Please let us know about unsolved issues or problems.

Master thesis projects

Individual permissions for the commencement or continuation of master thesis projects - depending on the verification of Corona regulations and precautions - have been sent out from our offices. Where you need further information, please contact the GTC office.

Lab rotations

The next essay and lab rotations will start in early September, i.e. still in the summer term 2020. This means that all restrictions of the summer term also apply to these rotations. We expect similar restrictions for the winter term 2020/21 and submitted a proposal for a clearance procedure for individual rotation projects to the Faculty of Medicine. With similar procedures already being implemented in other MSc programs, we are looking forward to a positive decision. This would mean that the students can conduct a rotation project in any lab where the typical Corona precautions have been implemented. As soon as we receive a decision on our proposal we will offer forms and more detailed information on how to apply.

Winter term 2020/21

No details on the next winter term have officially arrived in our offices yet. However, we have been informed about first ideas and plans. With on-site teaching being prioritized we have been told that restrictions on the maximum number of students in the lecture halls and minimum distances will still apply and considerably limit our ressources. Therefore, we expect that particularly lectures with attendance from all three programs must stay online, most likely all courses with an attendance >20. As soon as we get more information, we will forward it to students and lecturers.

GTC offices

Last but not least, the rennovation of the Alte Anatomie has finally arrived in our offices. The partly unexpected contruction works have left us with only one functional office (actually only 2/3 of one office). This situation is an additional burden where we still try to avoid too long and too close contacts between employees and visitors. We'll do our best to offer you all the support you need under these circumstances. Whenever you want to meet us in person, please contact us via Email or phone first.

We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon again,
Marc Himmelbach
Katja Thieltges
Susanne Kamphausen