Application for Doctoral Program

If you intend to join the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience for your doctorate, you may apply throughout the year (there are no firm application deadlines). To be eligible for the doctoral program, you must hold a MSc-, a MD- or an equivalent degree. Copies of all credentials must be validated. Transcripts or degree certificates issued in languages other than German or English must be accompanied by an official German or English translation. For detailed information on the application procedure, see 'Guidelines for Prospective & Active Doctoral Students', in particular Part I.

Your application requires the following documents and credentials

• Form ‘Application for Admission’ (download)
• Curriculum vitae
• Certified copy of BSc and MSc degree certificate (Urkunde) (If you have a German MSc degree, you do not need to submit you BSc certificate)
• Certified copy of BSc and MSc transcript of records (Zeugnis) (If you have a German MSc degree, you do not need to submit you BSc certificate)
• English language proficiency test (waived under certain conditions)
• Two letters of recommendation (one from past, one from future supervisor)
• Supervision Agreement for Doctoral Candidates (download)
• Proposal of an 'Advisory Board'
• Additional Information: Application for Acceptance (download)
Doctoral thesis proposal, including timeline (see below)

Structure of doctoral thesis proposal.
The doctoral thesis should be outlined on 3-5 pages and address the following points:
       1. Introduction to the scientific topic
       2. Status quo of research field – own preliminary work
       3. Goals and methods applied – work schedule and timeline
       4. Statement that the necessary funds, the infrastructure and the set-up’s are available
       5. Bibliography

Send your complete application package electronically to:

Note: The Supervision Agreement for Doctoral Candidates (originally signed by supervisor and candidate) and the Certified copies of degree certificate (Urkunde) and of transcript of records (Zeugnis) need to be hand in as a hard copy. Alternatively, you can submit a simple copy of your certificates and transcripts of records and show the originals to the GTC.


Information about the enrolment at the University of Tübingen