Doctoral Courses

All doctoral courses organized and offered by the GTC are posted on the GTC’s website (see: Courses). In parallel, we will inform you by e-mail about new doctoral courses in order to prevent missing out on courses of interest. If you want to participate in a particular course, you will have to register for this course online through the GTC’s website. In case there are more applications than places on a course, ‘active’ doctoral students of the GTC are preferred over students who are still in the process of admission. The latter will be considered in case of vacant places on a particular course.

Furthermore, an education program for doctoral candidates (in English and German) is offered by the Universities Central Graduate Academy (Graduiertenakademie). To enroll for a course, you have to login in a special ILIAS system following this link: (enter ‘Neuroschool’ when asked for your faculty).

In case you had not been trained in neurosciences before, you may also attend courses from our three masters programs. Likewise, you will have to register online for these courses. Very few of them have admission restrictions, though, and are for masters students only.

You may also participate in national or international workshops and summer/fall schools. However, it is your responsibility ‘to spring into action’ and to apply and compete for one of the often-limited places.

For further details, see 'Guidelines for Prospective & Active Doctoral Students', Part II.


NEW SINCE 2020: Please note that the GTC may provide partial funding only for members of the new IMPRS 'The Mechanisms of Mental Function and Dysfunction'.