The Doctorate Board of the Graduate Training Centre

The three graduate schools have a common doctoral program for the interfaculty subject of neurosciences. Responsible for the doctoral program and all doctoral procedures is - according to § 2 of the 'Doctoral Regulations' - the Doctorate Board (Promotionsausschuss) headed by a chairman.  The Doctorate Board consists of members of the Interfaculty Committees of the three graduate schools.

The chairman of the Doctorate Board is Prof. Dr. Mathias Jucker (Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research). His mandate as chairman runs until September 2019.

The current members of the Doctorate Board comprise:

Prof. Dr. M. Bethge - CIN, Computational Neuroscience
Prof. Dr. J. Benda - Inst Neurobiology, Sect Neuroethology
Prof. Dr. T. Euler - CIN, Ophthalmic Research
Prof. Dr. R. Feil - Interfaculty Inst for Biochemistry

Prof. Dr. T. Gasser - Hertie Inst Clinical Brain Res
, Dept Neurodegeneration
Prof. Dr. M. Giese - CIN, Computational Sensomotorics
PD Dr. M. Himmelbach, Hertie Inst Clinical Brain Research
, Neuropsychology
Prof. Dr. M. Jucker - Hertie Inst Clinical Brain Research
, Dept Cellular Neurology
Prof. Dr. A. Nieder - Inst Neurobiol, Dept Animal Physiology

Prof. Dr. J. Ostwald - Inst Neurobiol, Dept Animal Physiology

Prof. Dr. P. Ruth - Inst of Pharmacy

Prof. Dr. F. Schaeffel - Inst Ophthalmic Res, Sect Neurobiol of the Eye

Prof. Dr. C. Schwarz - CIN, Systems Neurophysiology
Prof. Dr. H.-P. Thier - Hertie Inst Clinical Brain Res, Dept Cognitive Neurology
Prof. Dr. H.-J. Wagner - Inst Anatomy
Prof. Dr. F. Wichmann - Inst Comp Science, Neural Inf Process Group
Prof. Dr. B. Wissinger - Inst Ophthalmic Res, Molecular Genetics Lab
PD Dr. A. Wizenmann - Inst Anatomy, Exp Embryol & Tissue Engin