Boards & Committees

The Medical Faculty and the Faculty of Science together with the Max-Planck-Institute for Biological Cybernetics provide cooperatively the neuroscience graduate programs at the University of Tübingen. The individual graduate schools are governed by Interfaculty Committees (Gemeinsame Kommissionen, according to § 15(6) of the 'Baden-Württemberg State Laws on Universities'), comprising members of the medical and the science faculty, which represent the scientific fields covered in the respective schools.

For each school, there is in addition a Selection Board (Auswahlkommission) according to § 4 of the 'Admission Regulations', an Examination Board (Prüfungsausschuss) according to § 4 of the 'Study and Examination Regulations' and, finally, an Education Board (Studienkommission) according to § 26 of the 'Baden-Württemberg State Laws on Universities'.
The three graduate schools have a common doctoral program for the interfaculty subject of neurosciences. Responsible for the doctoral regulations and the doctoral procedures is the Doctorate Board (Promotionsausschuss) according to § 2 of the 'Doctoral Regulations'.