Scholarships for International Masters Students

Scholarships provided by the Graduate Training Centre - GTC

The GTC provides a small number of scholarships for international master students. Funding will preferentially be offered to international applicants who excel in the selection procedure (i.e., students, top-ranked on the short list) and who would not be able to afford studies abroad by own means (specifics on the amount of funding and the maximal funding period will be detailed in the scholarship confirmation letter).

Please note that students who apply for a GTC-scholarship have to provide a proof that they also applied for a scholarship elsewhere, for example with the DAAD. Only in case students are not eligible for or have not been awarded a DAAD-scholarship, they can be offered funding from our graduate schools.

Scholarships provided by the German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD

In general, international students seeking for funding have to apply for other scholarships as well, for example with the DAAD. The application deadline for DAAD Study Scholarships is already in fall, which is about 1 year ahead of the start of your graduate studies! Please check with the DAAD offices in your home country for exact application deadlines. The timeline in brief:

Sep/Oct 2017: Application deadline for DAAD-scholarships
Jan 15, 2018: Application deadline for a place on one of our master programs
Oct 2018: Start of your master program

The next step is yours. To apply, go to the DAAD scholarship-database.

Search for ‘Study Scholarships for Graduates of all Disciplines’. Study scholarships are awarded to provide foreign graduates with the opportunities to complete a postgraduate or Masters degree course at a state (public) or state-recognized German higher education institution in order to gain a Masters degree. Please note that this scholarship is only available for students from specific countries: check whether YOU are eligible and, if yes, proceed with your application…

Good luck!